confused by 6502 assembly? here are some helpful tips for beginners

CPY: mails you a copy of the program
TAX: fills out your 1040EZ
CLD: decreases CPU temperature
ROR: makes a lion noise
BRK: makes a dog noise
ASL: initiates AOL chat protocol
LSR: activates laser
TXS: enter Texas
TSX: leave Texas
LDY: turns you into a lady
LDA: turns you into a lad (misspelled for historical reasons)
BVS: pronounced "Beavis"

happy programming! πŸ˜‹

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everyone replying to this with a bunch of made-up acronyms: you don't have to. thanks

CTZ: Count Zero. Instruction used by William Gibson as a character and novel name.
JMP: Returns answer to "Where's my jumper?"
SET: Invokes Egyptian god to ward off scarabs and other bugs.
SKINIT: Essex or East London guy with no money (skint, innit) because he's a LZCNT


BMI: displays one's Body Mass Index
PHP: makes you Zend certified
EOR: turns you into a sad donkey
SBC: builds a small block v8 engine
RTS: spawns additional pylons

@revenant My Computer Systems class will be a BREEZE now, thanks!!!

@revenant DEX: improves your dexterity
INC: registers a corporation
ORA: activates your stand
TAY: enables Taylor Swift mode

you forgot the undocumented ones
SAX: plays smooth jazz
LAX: flies you to los angeles
SHY: says "h-hello"
ASR: connects to teletype
KIL: locates sarah connor

SLO: next instruction takes 50x as many cycles
ARR: converts regular software into pirated software

@revenant could you reword that in away that I can copy into notepad++

@revenant why waste time on improving programming language ergonomics when you can have it directly in machine code

@revenant Those were the days. Those 8-bit processors had all kinds of fancy stuff in them.

You forgot:

EOR: make a donkey noise
DEY: summon Susan Dey
BMI: calculate body mass index
DEQ: declare equality for all

That last one never made it into production, obviously.

@revenant note: attempting to enter texas while already in texas will result in recursive realities, possible time paradoxes, and the voiding of your CPUs warranty

@a_breakin_glass @revenant LOL. Post of the year coming in right before the buzzer.

@a_breakin_glass @revenant for best results, do not, under any circumstances, enter texas

@revenant You are a wonderful person and you make me laugh.

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