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revenant @revenant

The Dark Knight (2008) is technically a Christmas movie because of the scene where the Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away

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@revenant earth-shattering if true, because then it might become the second best christmas movie.

@Satsuma @devurandom third best after santa clause 2 and christmas with the kranks

No love for the penguin? 💔
Batman Returns is a mitten holiday tradition~

@revenant The Santa Clause (1994) technically isn't a Christmas movie because Santa fucking dies

@LottieVixen @Gaypow is there another clause that outlines the exact legal definition of a christmas movie

@revenant @LottieVixen @Gaypow subparagraph three just seems to be a rant about jingle all the way and how their cat would have made a better anakin skywalker