everybody loves bitcoin, the badly designed cryptocurrency that sucks

[1.5 years later] we regret to inform you that it somehow sucks even more now

@revenant Not surprised. Typical purchases on Steam are small enough that even the lower fees with SegWit can be 10%+.

@revenant #Bitcoin is the worst cryptocurrency except for all the others that preceded it.

@revenant Don't see any mention of the fact that most bitcoin is mostly mined by burning coal increasing global energy costs (likely by a small margin).

@revenant Really surprised that Microsoft is still accepting them for purchases on XBox

@mdm i didn't know they ever started doing that. wonder what the usage statistics are like

@revenant I agree it's a real issue, but to be fair, the design brief was always to offer an alternative currency to state currencies, but to be usable in times of volatility. Different contexts.
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