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must... include....... computer........

yeah i just jumped to an anonymous label in a different segment.... [puts on asm programmer shades] deal with it

doomworld's ads are so good

if you're logged out you get some doubleclick ads at the bottom of the page, except almost all the links are just to other pages and threads on the same site

sometimes you get one to a page that doubleclick clearly doesn't know how to present well, like the page for the "/levels/doom" directory of the idgames archive, where the entire text of the ad is just "doom" in all lowercase

computer what godforsaken youtube thumbnails do you have for me tonight

this says shrak but at first i thought it said shark

these lyrics start out promising and then nosedive

doing some SNES/BS-X stuff, emulating the actual satellite bandwidth so it feels like an actual 1990s download (and doesn't go fast enough to glitch out the software sometimes)

you ever see old code at work that makes you just want to go home and sleep

haven't checked the local timeline in a while, let's see what's good today

here's a cat pic from this morning right after Tyson woke up from his warm chair bed