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(pointless aspect) @revenant@mastodon.social

when you post about a song at the beginning of the song vs. when you edit your post at the end of the song

it's 2018 and people are somehow still downloading SNES ROMs off of geocities

left side: services that were affected by russia's attempted telegram block

right side: services that weren't

i am surprised nobody sent me any death threats over this

if you see this image while scrolling the timeline you have been visited by Some Moire Circles

headaches and eyestrain will be yours if you boost within the next 10 hours

according to wikipedia, depersonalization is the same thing as getting high

probably counts as uspol Show more


last night i got bored and did another SNES debug mode writeup. this time it was the SNES port of Columns, which you probably never realized existed because it came out all the way in 1999