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boost if you want to be "hugged" by identification strings from the official super famicom mouse driver

me, 9 am: ok i'm DEFINITELY going to get some work done today

me, 11:30 am: the lowercase letters in Commander Keen are the same as in Soundtracker, except for the M and W which are only the same as the ones in Soundtracker 2.x, but that also has a different "U" and "K". but then in Protracker they changed some of the letters back. so basically it's just the Commander Keen/Protracker font

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somebody brought the nerf "mega mastodon" to the office for whatever reason

you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

game-specific ROM hacking software still has really terrible GUI design trends after all these years but i gotta say i'm kinda down with this one

love too administrate a video game wiki

(the last two lines of this conversation were sent like 10 seconds apart)

reminder to delete your roms after 24 hours or james bond is going to find you