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@squirrel this is fucking dope

(coincidentally i was listening to a bunch of old lizardking .mods when i paused to click on this so it pretty much fit in perfectly)

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"labo" is short for "laborious takes about nintendo products"

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back on working with ffmpeg at work again

i appreciate that the filter library has multiple built-in cellular automata simulators for some reason

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got on a whim and updated my Doom WAD editing library to support editing/importing/exporting sound effects

as a bonus it also supports PC-speaker sound effects and the two unused types of MIDI-based sound effects

should someone tell the snes9x developers that the SNES CPU's "STP" instruction is not supposed to stop the entire emulator

i accidentally stole this joke from my girlfriend

@zeether i hope i'll be able to watch more of it in real time this time but i'll probably sleep through most of the good compos like usual

@zeether are you ready for too many kevin references at revision this year