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(drinking coffee after dinnertime) ow oof ouch my sleep

me whenever i say "im gay"

military budget proposal. less fighter jets and more fighter jorts

in 20 or 30 years Ernest Cline is going to look like Grunkle Stan

[chalmers voice] and you call him Slippy Toad despite the fact that he's obviously a frog

this morning's intrusive thought: froppy, kermit, and slippy reenacting the budweiser frogs commercial

thinking about this line that used to be on the imdb parental guide for Monster House (2006)

you know what they say: anyone who says they remember the 90s wasn't really there

@squirrel no but shipping from brazil directly to the US seems like a hassle and i didn't wanna bug people about it :blobpeek:

and when i say "science purposes" i mean openly enabling piracy because cracking unlicensed SNES games is a thing i do sometimes

for science purposes i am interested in any leads w/r/t being able to purchase a copy of the SNES bootleg "Campeonato Brasileiro 2" that aren't mercadolivre

@envgen is this a god damn steely dan joke