@noelle this guy basically invented when someone blocks you and you post a screenshot of it

i'm watching kizuna ai play I Am Bread with the auto-transcribed japanese subtitles and it seems like the transcription does a pretty good job except when she starts yelling words into the mic and the subtitles just come out like "ええええええええええええ" or whatever

it's been said before but i am 200% confident in self driving cars in today's world where computers are constantly begging humans to tell them what stop signs look like

Vegeta: I've never felt an energy like this before! Her power levels must be through the roof!
Krillin: Who are you talking about Vegeta?
Vegeta: The Girl Reading This

What if Sonic the Hedgehog's body had Kirby as a head? Show more

What if Yoshi's body had Duke Nukem's head? Show more

a 90s music video youtube poop collective called the splice girls. free idea i guess

@luigithirty take the free rides but then tip the drivers the same amount you would have otherwise paid the company

too bad i don't actually have any old IDE drives sitting around anymore or else i'd be going nuts


i realized that ATA-1 standard *does* allow enabling 8-bit transfers (if the drive supports it), so i've concluded that the Satellaview expansion port is nothing but a parallel ATA/IDE connector with a different pinout

so theoretically, you could pretty trivially build an adapter and hook up an actual hard disk (or CD-ROM?) to the satellaview and then write some SNES-side code to interface with it

also, literally the first sentence of the story says that the outage happened on a sunday. yesterday wasn't a sunday anywhere in the world

just in case you're still seeing the "Pakistan took down YouTube the other day" thing going around, the story everyone's apparently citing was published by the AP in February 2008


not sure how i never noticed this similarity before - left is from the 38-pin satellaview EXT connector (8-bit data bus), right is from the old 40-pin ATA connector (16-bit data bus)

of course we already know that EXT was for a never-made hard drive addon so it's not that surprising

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