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when your friends are hella excited about something new but you're mostly just into wood carving

tfw someone posts a cute picture of link and you want to share it so you click the toot menu thing in tusky and "copy the link" appears and you accidentally hit it so hard your phone explodes

Very good link tbh
im sooooorrrry i don't know the source b/c i love the art but
i can't find anything in reverse image search :(

jesus my notifications are a hellstorm of the pop sound and 🅱️s, what have i done

don't think i posted this yet - Mega Drive art demo by the group I joined recently, made as a tribute to a French artist called LeonBli who passed away recently

if you shoot them all into space they become astroterfs thank you

dunno why youtube is now recommending me full episodes of The Critic but i'm into it

this is my cat Tyson, named after NDGT. he is a good boi who I 💜💙💜

working on a new fantasy console called the pico-9, it runs an emulated 6502 with 256 bytes of RAM and a 4K display with 24-bit color

instead of PayPal they should have called it FinanceFriend or DisbursementDude


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