@romanzolotarev@bsd.network Much easier than I was making it out to be.

I found ghc, but didn't see that cabal could be installed as a package until now. I was compiling ports and everything for no reason.

I'm also unfamiliar with haskell/cabal, so I didn't know the commands to build it.

Thanks for the help, it looks like it's up and running, now.

@romanzolotarev@bsd.network Is there a pre-built package for ElmLang on OpenBSD? Is compiling the haskell from source the only option for someone who wants to work with Elm on OpenBSD?

I found your patch for compiling Elm 0.19 in the Elm Slack. Thanks for that and your posts about OpenBSD!

@Gargron I think that would make sense. With the ability to close out of it when you're done "following" that hashtag.

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