here is a starfield loop to celebrate my @GIPHY account promoted to verified "artist"!


this week I started to do some for the first time, now I can work again on my old raymarching effects :D

realtime version β†’ (subject to change across time)

just a small technical update of my engine.

I added vertex+(shadowed!)wireframe display and inverted the (infamously-wrong-sided)Y-axis! :D

I can now display a full 64*64 voxel because memory size has doubled α••( ᐛ )α•—

Spherical proximitors test nΒ°2!

I tried a version with extruded vertex this time :)

I'm trying to do some Β«spherical dot connectorsΒ», not sure about the result yet :D


I optimized a lot my old dot tunnel, now I can display 48*48 dots at 60fps! :D

Live version + code source available here β†’

I tried a new method, it looks way better but ~as I expected~ it's slower to render than the previous one! :D

guess the exact (and accidental) number of polygons in this scene 😈

ho god what I have done? πŸ™€

some summer update on my engine: a kind of frustum culling with bounding sphere and object z-sort!

I rewrote almost all my 3d engine code after I found a lot of integer overflow! (red lines are face normals).

let's join the engine bandwagon α••( ᐛ )α•—

(well ok, it's a very basic start)

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