Current status: Netflixing an old CW series after you learn one of your coworkers appeared on nine episodes of the show.

I forgot that this was the Meetup at the Google SF offices that has the fancy dinner before the talks. Now time to settle in for an evening of TensorFlow.js.

Mmm. Breathing in that nice new keyboard smell of the alcantara typecover for the Surface Go.

I'm just not feeling comfortable going for the quick snarky reply on Mastodon. I've just deleted three or four draft toots that I thought were clever but just didn't think worthy of hitting the toot button. But don't worry, I'm still going to say a lot of nonsense here.

I'm a little sad that RustConf is finally over but I can't wait to get back home and try some new things.

I think this is the first conference I've been to that included a bag of hipster coffee beans as part of the conference swag.

Advanced telecommunication technology at our Portland Airbnb.

Compared to SFO, the Oakland airport is so chill, almost pleasant. And it really takes just about the same amount of time to get here with BART from my apartment. I may have to consider taking more flights from here in the future.

Ooh. It looks like cargo-make will do everything I want and more and is *extremely* well documented. I still think of Rust as a small, niche language but I'm continually impressed with the quality and variety of projects available.

I was going to look into doing something with the ONNX neural network format until I read about the release of the new Khronos NNEF format. Let's see far far into the 100 page specification I make it. This will probably last about as long as I thought glTF was cool before giving up on it.

Current status: trying to see how many times I need to type "toot" before autosuggestions considers it a word.

LM: Is there a way in Rust to run an action after a build is completed? In this case I want to post-process the executable into a format that can be flashed onto a microcontroller. I suppose i could build a Makefile for this but it wouldn't have access to all the build metadata and dependencies.

I'm trying to remember what I thought was so important and interesting that I stayed up till 2am working on it last night. Right now I wish I had just gotten some sleep instead.

I need to remind myself that I don't need an $1,800 CPU or $10,000 GPU.


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