RIP Meneer Aart.
Half a century's Dutch children grew up with you...

All this coding and working with other people and getting help and users testing stuff ...

It makes me very happy
I'm in high spirits and that has been a while.

\o/ it works (as far as I can test windows vst in linux)

Get your fresh lin/win/mac vsts here:

There are bugs and things to be improved of course. This software is after all made by humans.

need to switch for a fork of dpf for the time being, to get vst working in ninjas2

Autobuilds for develop are up. Currently only lv2 works.
Will fix vst tomorrow.

Thanks @statbot1 🤗

Almost everything went wrong with newspaper delivery this morning but I met two nice doggos so that makes up for everything.

Gonna give bandcoaching in a bit.
My favorite part of my job.
It's so much fun.

now don't tell me I can follow my account from within mastodon ... :pika:

seems I can

this is amazing

lemme test if I done that irc channel thing correctly

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