I'm gonna walk the dog.
I thought you'd like to know that.

Heads up people. Awesome former commercial synth plugin Surge is now opensource.

For now windows only but my guess is Linux and Mac will follow soonish. (might be some wishful thinking going on here πŸ˜ƒ)


ftr: I was able to run it in Carla plugin host with the help of Carla's windows bridges.

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Does anyone know who runs Raki.social? I got a spam follow (along with 19,000 other people…) from a fake Taylor Swift account, which looks like it might be aiming to get as many accounts as possible to federate with its instance.

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Today is the 100th birthday of technical badass Katherine Johnson. Ms Johnson calculated trajectories for Apollo space missions by hand.


"The rainwater in the kiddy pool tastes so much better than the water in my bowl"

Here is the next poll for @pixelfed t-shirt, don't forget to scroll, there is 64 possibilities πŸ˜‚
The t-shirt is a c&a basic bio at 4.5€, I already have some and it's good quality πŸ˜„
I don't already know how much it is for printing πŸ™„
Boost appreciated 😜

So, my school has agreed to EULAs for me that have clauses to sell information to Microsoft, Twitter, and affiliiates. Along with this, they've used bots to sign up Google accounts for us and passing the accounts to use after agreeing to the privacy policy in our names. They do this regularly and I recall a end-of-class test where me and 2 others read the EULA we were agreeing to with clauses to sell the information, and the teacher told us to step aside while he handles it... and he clicked 'accept' for all of us.

What can I do about this, since that doesn't sound legal given the age ranges of 14-17 in that one incident?
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