Oh and been kinda away for a bit because I had some mental health issues.
I thought I suffered from depression but after talking to my psychologist he said : your symptoms look very much like burnout.
Well, that's no fun.
I've taken some measures and gonna do some more things.
Already feel much better, must be careful not fall into my old habits ofc.

@gcrkrause I'm pretty OK.
We should pick up the developement of our apps soon. I'll ping you on matrix.
I'm eager (finally again)

@rgh we should probably reconsider again which apps we focus on to reduce the work load, especially for your burn out this might be better :) But for me this would be good, too

@rgh can u ping me? not sure whats your current id :D

@rgh on matrix? didnt received something...

I hope you'll get better soon, may the force be with you 🙏

@rgh I've been offline for awhile-- just catching up. Take care, my friend! Hope things are getting better for you.
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