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Hey, Game Developers!

Do you know that if you develop for Linux first, your game is almost guaranteed to port well and also run well on Windows and MacOS X?

That's right, by making GNU your primary platform, you help every other platform. That's because we use open standards like OpenGL or Vulkan and we don't do vendor lock-in shit like DirectX or Metal. Trust me, it works!

(idea stolen from @killyourfm)

My Patreon campaign has reached another goal!
Thanks to everyone who's supporting my work at!

Putting out another call: I'm looking for #musicians using #Linux or #opensource software to create their tunes.

All genres welcome, as long as it's quality!

This is for my podcast Linux For Everyone. To be honest, this stuff is hard to find.

Help me find it!

We're at Legoland Billund and everything is awesome.

Traffic in Hamburg is horrible. We needed gas and found a McDonald's nearby. Better get something to snack then standing still in traffic.
So now we're eating a hamburger in Hamburg.

That should probably have been "sprained" my foot.

Sprayed my foot. Really hurts.
Gonna call office and tell the mail will have to wait till tomorrow :blobugh:

💃 there is now a moms instance, too 💃 

i will legit record myself singing Nickleback if this toot gets 100 boosts

Did my first ramp start in .
And I noticed I wasn't in the F16 but in an F5...
I'm special.

Trying to get back into again. My favorite game ever ; Falcon 4.
There's a mod Falcon 4 BMS which makes it hardcore realistic. Lot's of things to learn.
However. It runs on windows.
Finally got my joystick drivers sorted. And then it wanted to update.
Now I'm looking at a blue screen with spinning dots for like an hour instead of flight training.

Cyberpunk artist wanted for webcomic collab 


In the first Community Voice segment, listeners sound off about Manjaro 18.1 and the LibreOffice versus FreeOffice situation. Plus an awesome way to browse those man pages and learn some new Terminal commands!

For the #Linux Gaming Report, @zapakitul of Bearded Giant Games discusses his 'Linux First Initiative,' an unusual origin story, & what it takes to survive as a one-man indie game studio. Then Antroxity takes us out with some atmospheric electronica.

My plan for learning and covering open-source synths in videos is as follows:
1. Vital
2. VCV Rack
3. Surge

Any others I should know about? :)

Me and my wife have kinda unspoken deal.
I get to watch @unfa undisturbed, she gets to watch anything she likes for the rest of the month.

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