If playing Witcher 3 has taught me anything it's that I'm way too trusting of a person.

Harry: "six plus six is sixty six"
Mama: "Wrong, it's twelve"
Me: "Well hold on there..."

Opens /usr/bin/node in Terminal.app

Just sent in my computer upgrade request. Successfully skipped all butterfly switch keyboard versions of the MacBook Pro.

Cautiously optimistic the 16" will be ok.

Conspiracy theory: Trump Whitehouse never accidentally sent talking points re: Ukraine.

But Trump Whitehouse is so inept that nobody questions that it happened.

So this tactic can be used at any time in the future by opponents.

So now when they chant "Lock her up" we can just assume they're chanting about Ivanka.

Let’s be honest folks. It’s not pecan pie, it’s syrup pie with a pecan topping.

The problem with rules is that once you make them people are going to start following them.

Do you think we could DDOS the Trump Fascism Conventions by trying to start “lock her up” chants every 60 seconds?

It’s another day. Let’s write more JavaScript.

One day I'd like to actually see a journalist or politician "slam" someone.

Who will be the first laptop maker to implement The Notch TM.

I don’t want to connect my accounts. I don’t want to install your app. My phone is Battlestar Galactica and I am Commander Adama.

I’m social again I guess until this place gets flooded with the assholes.


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