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@rhea_ewing bonus round: “is it really okay for me to toot about anxiety I mean I’m probably just faking it...”

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Future in-law responses to the coming out email have been as good as can be expected.

I'm calling that a win, looking forward to less future misgendering (or at least the right be mad when future misgendering happens, lol)

I'm drafting an email to come out to Liz's family... wish me luck! 💪 ✨ 😱

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I hope no one is under the impression that just because I support sex workers that I don’t also support survivors of trafficking and abuse. Survivors matter. But SESTA/FOSTA will not help, nor will other legislation that targets sex work while still maintaining the exploitation and inequality that comes from the capitalist state.

I have satisfied my urge to be Productive by figuring out if I have enough shows/jobs going on to be able to afford to pay my inkers for FINE. Answer.... yes! Now the trick will just be to do it all with reasonable boundaries and time limits.

For me, eing sick is always an opportunity to practice the manta "my worth is not determined by my productivity" ...this is a thing I need lots of practice on.

My sinuses don't know what they're doing, but they're ready to do it at 110%. 🤧 😷

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