Hullo, Fediverse!

I'm a non-binary (genderfluid / genderflux) chronically ill & disabled millennial neuroqueer who's also ADHD and ASD and...
:blobcatthinking: I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

I'm pronoun agnostic. I don't identify with any pronoun set at the moment, please avoid them when referring to me and just call me kitty and/or neokitty.

I love playing games, especially pokémon and animal crossing. Can't live without music. Used to read and also write a lot of stories; trying to come back to it.

Feel welcome to request a follow unless you're a minor, a bot or, worst of all, a fash dipshit.

*Note: I don't auto follow-back. Interact with me enough and I will most likely hit that button.

I think that's it for now as an #Introduction - any questions? :blobcoffee:


@neokitty I like your pronoun stance. My other favorite "pronoun" for myself is to use my nickname, Rhi in place of pronouns (Rhiself and such). Nice to meet you.

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