Remember: eclipses are not exciting fun portals!!! They are traditionally malefic and bring negative destructive energy. It is best to stay inside and out of the eclipse light, and NOT to practice manifestation magic or charge materia magica. If anyone has interest in how to care for yourself & remediate the malefic impact of Thursday's new moon solar eclipse, my astrologer turned me on to an article that feels appropriate for beginners and intermediate astrologers alike:


@hearthsoma An important thing to remember about magic and Pagan practice is that everyone's path is different. No naturally-occurring energy is automatically malefic to all practitioners, and I think anyone dogmatizing that weakens the Pagan community.

In Earth-centered magic, we honor the earth and relevant bodies, their eternal dance and harmony. Some people can work with eclipse energy, just like poisons and medicines often come from the same plants. An it harm none, you know?

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@hearthsoma to be clear, I have total respect for you following your path. From your bio, I think we have a lot in common. Gemini sun, leo moon, here. Poly, genderqueer, all the things. I'm curious, though. While I welcome any and all to disagree with me, what exactly did you disagree with?

(Trying to start a conversation, not a fight, I swear. And no offense taken if that's not of interest. I can get pretty nerdy on Pagan topics, and I know not everyone finds that fun.)

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