@Fenreliania Not all pugs have breathing conditions. Good breeders won't breed pugs with breathing conditions. That said, all my dogs are mutts. I figure nature is better at breeding healthy animals than humans will ever be.

My father died on Sunday.

I don't know what else to say. Not yet anyway.

I hope all of you and all of your loved ones are safe and well.

Returning to the land doesn't have to mean leaving behind city life and moving to the country. In fact, if everyone did that, there would be no natural spaces left. It's possible to return to the land in the city.

Spend more time in parks, more time with the night sky, and far more time defending the earth, in every conversation, everywhere you go.

Nature is all around us. We are animals. We can return to the land anywhere.

@veliger That's a very cogent article. I'd never suspected deliberate engineering, but I'd wondered about an accidental escape. This is very convincing that such an escape is far less likely than a zoonotic origin.

@bantorture there isn't a giant "follow" button? Do you need to search for the account first, in the search bar?

@UrbanWitch My life has been so crazed lately, I haven't been on Mastodon in weeks, apparently. I appreciate your quick response, even if I wasn't around to experience it. We all need to help one another learn and grow and move forward. Please be there to call me out if I screw up. :)

@Fenreliania This is so important to me. I spent way too long waiting out the pronoun conversation, assuming I'd be able to adopt whatever got popular. When they/them got so huge though, I realized: I've been doing this wrong. Full respect to everyone who loves and uses they/them, but it is very wrong for me, and not my pronoun. I should never have tried to wait to conform my identity to some future norm in the first place. If I want to support diversity, I have to support it in myself too.

@UrbanWitch I find your account profoundly intriguing (found you browsing the introduction hashtag), but this post ... I assume you're talking about colors of magic, but those terms are super racist in English. I don't recommend continuing to use them these days. I intend no disrespect. I love the urban witch theme.

Congresswoman Cori Bush Introduces the Unhoused Bill of Rights, First Ever Federal Resolution Affirming the Rights of the Unhoused | Congresswoman Cori Bush bit.ly/3jjJkSN

YouTube never recommends trans male creators to me, even though I watch a lot of trans women (and it does recommend other trans women). Anyone have recommendations of great trans male content creators?

@Anderjak Legoshi is brilliant. Honestly, most of the characters are brilliant. But the hard vore themes just got to me. The writing is so good, I just ... I just can't. (made it through the first season, barely)

Today I bought shoes for the first time in 5 years, and they feel like having marshmallows strapped to my feet *heaven*

I also got my first eye exam in about 9 years, and will soon have new glasses.

As much as I hate being a consumer, I am very grateful for the ability to acquire these extremely useful necessities.

I do believe that the long arc of the moral universe bends toward justice. However, I'm sick of the notion that our prehistoric ancestors were immoral or uncivilized.

Humans have been human as long as we've existed: intelligent, social, and capable of moral reasoning. In small village groups, we've been "civilized" since probably before we were human.

The justice the moral universe still needs is sharing small-group compassion and cooperation with everyone, even those we don't understand.

Had a rough time with an anime episode last night. Anime is so bad about excusing emotional abuse by parents, but in discussion in the comments I found myself defending Japanese culture with the realization that I don't know of anywhere that handles emotional abuse cases well. I have to acknowledge that anime DOES at least address emotional abuse, however badly. It's usually ignored -- too inconvenient to society to face.

Photo collage to celebrate Summer Solstice!

Why fish? I dunno. Maybe I wish I was swimming. Credits for the images I used here: patreon.com/posts/52772345

Discussion of racism 

@sexybenfranklin Ah. That's a fair concern. When I read the book, I felt like it was a bit of an advanced anti-racism class in that regard, and was grateful I'd already done a lot of work. It later worried me a bit when the book hit the bestseller list last May. I thought, oof, a lot of the people buying this are not going to grasp some of the nuance.

But I think the act of questioning your own motives is a powerful tool for understanding Kendi's message.

This was my favorite video I watched today. I may try to post a fave video every day, at least during the week. youtube.com/watch?v=i1d5hUA8Jd

This author seems very insightful. I will probably buy his book.

Discussion of racism 

@sexybenfranklin Really? I found that definition clarifying.

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