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It bums me out that Umberto Eco died before he was able to finishing developing a theory of full-on Otics.

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I wrote about the 2010 rise and fall of Google Wave, and lessons we can learn from their attempt to roll up email and chat and wikis into a single federated tool: jamey.thesharps.us/2018/02/16/

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Today we accidentally ran into lion dances in two different places, which I think means we were doing something right.

I am flying with a large piece of solid steel jewelry and several things that vibrate. The thing that flagged my bag for hand-inspection? A small packet of chocolate-covered almonds.

When I got on the bus, it was a pleasantly cool evening. When I got off the bus 12 minutes later, it was snowing sideways.

My 3yo niece called me this morning to make her first pun
3yo: Aunt Misty, I want to to come inside my house
Me: I live far away, but I'll come visit you soon!
3yo: No, it's raining and Mama says it's misty outside. You have to come inside my house or you'll get wet!
Me: *dies of pride*

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Trevor and I wrote an obit for JPB. I only got to know a modest corner of his life, but there was so much life there even that was a lot freedom.press/news/remembering

If you need me I'll be listening to "Estimated Prophet" on repeat for the rest of the evening. youtube.com/watch?v=MQs22Kt-vZ

Cry hangover + actual hangover = worst hangover.

When your Lyft driver is the guy who berated you via text for two hours after you declined a second date and you spend the entire ride hoping he doesn't recognize you.

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is a young person in your life at risk of exposure to ayn rand?

give them a copy of _the dispossessed_. you may save them years or an entire lifetime.

Wayward Sisters seems to exist primarily to highlight girls looking pretty with blood on their faces, and I'm torn between "girls don't have to be pretty when they're bloody" and "ooh pretty girls with blood on their faces."

I kid... mostly. It's nice to see a decently diverse cast of women in terms of age and race (and mayyyybe sexuality?), and in addition to being pretty with blood on their faces, they kick a ton of ass with lots of skill and zero apologies.

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also from the fontforge manual, an unordered list of "ah yes, the n genders" jokes (tag urself I'm "semi-flourished") mastodon.social/media/re2EL0es

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Unexpectedly deep conversation with the maintenance technician this morning:
Me: Did I do something to break the disposal?
He: Sometimes it happen, for everybody. Like death--when it come, it come.

The Kingsman films would be utterly perfect if it weren't for the disgusting childish sexist jokes. Not even Halle Berry in a suit drinking whiskey makes up for it.

Now that I have made @jeffmorgen's eggnog recipe, I'm kicking myself for ever having tried making another. So easy. So good (especially with dark overproof rum). jeffreymorgenthaler.com/2009/e

I'm out! Willingly sacrificed myself to Grace Jones and the rest of the star-studded cast of the Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special.

I only hesitated a little before deleting the account I've had (and had success with) for over a decade. RIP OKCupid, dead of stupidity. theblog.okcupid.com/an-open-le

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