The sense of safety in the purge-minded is terrifying. Not even so much the smug belief that they are themselves protected from such an action by their public virtue, but the fact that, by and large, they're probably right.

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@rhosyn hmm - purgers often seem to die by the sword they live by eventually though?

@puellavulnerata Maybe as a group, and over time? But being part of - I don't even know what to call it anymore* - does seem to confer an ease that comes with the knowledge of shielding.

* ingroup? hegemony? the Cathedral? what's not played out yet?

@rhosyn yeah, they always think they won't get purged, even as they purge their own - after all, the ones they're purging are just *bad people* they've discovered to have been bad all along, and they know they're *good*

@puellavulnerata @rhosyn it's like a semi-reversed version of that thing where you read articles about your own field and you're like "what the fuck is this nonsense" but then you believe the rest of the newspaper. Can't remember what that's called right now

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