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handsome covfefe ⚡️✅ @rhythmgoddesss@mastodon.social

Pictures of dogs tucked into bed under blankets boost if agree

When people treat you like shit it makes u feel like piece of shit but u are beautiful and amazing

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I feel like I should delete this to be safe and come back w a diff username
I'm scared tbh

Someone scream into a pillow for me when they get the chance, thanks

I hate asking for validation and physical affection lol

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Ik my coworker was maybe being extra and joking but she doesn't have to rag on me in front of patients when I'm literally being honest with them about not having tried something lol, like????

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‪Lmao fuck me cause the people who are supposed to be the most empowering and inclusive are the most cliquey motherfuckers on campus.‬

I hope queer black people are loving themselves today