@ricard_dev I'm an Englishman living in America. All the horror stories about American healthcare are... well, not "true" exactly, because the stories are told by people who've lived in the system forever, and have no context for what a working healthcare system even is, so only the cruellest abuses seem unusual to them. The reality is a million little jabs and inconveniences, petty bullying by billionaires, and the occasional atrocity.

Reality is MUCH worse than reported.

@ifixcoinops That's really sad. Everyone, rich or not, should have access to it.

How does it work in the UK?

@ricard_dev There's a flat rate of £8.80 per prescription, which everybody grumbles about. Some hospitals charge a couple of quid an hour for parking, which people are up in arms about. Until I tell them I paid $900 a MONTH for health insurance that didn't actually cover anything.

@ricard_dev Now imagine your employer pays for your healthcare (at a massively discounted rate), and if you spend any significant time uninsured, you'll pay higher rates forever. Would you quit an abusive job? Would you start a small business? The healthcare atrocity has its hooks in every aspect of life here, and it ruins everything it touches. Americans can't see it because it's been there their thole lives, they only see the worst parts. It's cruelty and madness.


@ifixcoinops Of course the rich and powerful don't need to change the system as they can effort it.

Thank for the insights Dan. I used to see high salaries for Web Engineering in the USA, now... they might not be that high when taking all this into consideration.

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