3 - 0

Mookie done in 1 pitch. Make the pitcher work a little bit harder, please


Very impressed with Leon's at-bat, increasing the pitch count and taking the walk.

In the other hand, Mookie strikes out. Ouch!


Oh boy, just realized today it's It's happening at 22:00 Barcelona time so I'll be watching live! Mute if you're not interested 😎

@darrenpmeyer Ops then I got confused, I thought you had mentioned the URL and I assumed it was yours 😄


@nightpool Played the game years ago, I'll download it again see what's going on. Thanks for the reminder!

3 - 1

I was like "Oh Jackie Bradley Jr. nice at bat!" and then he gets picked off stealing second. Ouch!

0 -1

These Rays make it look easy, already 1 run. I guess that's why they're tied for the 1st place in AL East.


Sunday game! Thank you for scheduling yet another game during a proper time here in Barcelona.

5 - 1

Alright so in the end Colten Brewer gets the double play. Well done there.

5 - 1

Bases loaded, 1 out. They'll let him stay to try and get out of the jam or get destroyed in the mound.

0 - 4

👎 1 more RBI for Tampa Bay... Be right back, gonna grab something to eat. Nachos anyone?

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