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Chris is on 🔥 today. What a pleasure to watch him pitching. He makes it look so easy.

This is more like it. Every batter had a hit in the 3rd inning. Really to easy to enjoy a game like this.

1 - 9

I'm taking 2 planes tomorrow, hopefully my boarding will not be like this 🤣

⚾ Final

2 vs 5

As I read the feed, I'm not alone thinking the batting lineup needs some refreshing. Some bats are not working, why not move them around a little?


I'm starting to like a lot. The man has already 3 Major League HR's. Well done, sir.


So I get home from my weekend trip and before I can start watching the game Boson is already 4 runs behind 🤣

6 vs 5

Great match, lots of goodies. Sweet grand slam, very good first hit, the winning pickoff play by ...

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