Some notes on , in case you're considering it:

- Usability is OK;
- SLA was a joke. We were paying for silver, but we didn't get replies to issues for days/weeks unless we raised a ruckus on Twitter;
- That doesn't mean the issues were solved, just acknowledged;
- Build runners may or may not start, depending on the weather;
- When we decided we going to self-host it, we found the export/import was broken, was a known issue for months, still unfixed.

It was a mess.

This is all from a 4-month period at the end of 2017. I'd used it myself for years and had run an on-site instance for a different team before which, albeit quirky, behaved much better.

Not sure what happened with them. Maybe it all got borked on the rush to add new features, maybe we joined at a bad time.

For a team willing to pay but which needed it to be plumbing and "just work", Gitlab fumbled every chance we gave them.

@ricardojmendez Sounds easier to just host SVN and say to hell with it all.

@jankoekepan Or, you know, acknowledge Github wasn't a bastion of anti-capitalist sentiment and free software development, and that Microsoft isn't Satan, and review the alternatives with a cool head. 😎

@ricardojmendez That's just crazy talk. Step away from the caffeine, and we'll get you to detox so that the bad EFF can't hurt you any more.

More seriously, I find that for a lot of purposes, SVN works just fine and people don't really need git for regular versioning. It depends on the use case, but I've found people just reflexively choosing git because of Linus.

It all depends on use case.

@jankoekepan Personal taste as well. Even for solo projects, git's workflow feels more natural to me.

I used SVN for over a decade. There was always someone who got tripped over by its branch merging - even if they were experienced.

Git's branching made sense right away. I don't think I'd go back.

@ricardojmendez Fair enough. Last project on which I installed version control wasn't even code. It was a team of writers that needed to stop clobbering each other's edits. I did a big feature/performance/availability search and ended up with SVN. Installed tortoiseSVN on their laptops, and as far as I know they use it to this day.

@jankoekepan Yeah, that's another point. Tooling is a non-insignificant point, and Git has been getting a lot of tooling.

I can see how a team of writers wouldn't want to worry with branching, merging, staging or anything else, and would just want something that works, right there, from the file explorer they're used to. Tortoise does that.

@ricardojmendez They did do branching and merging, and tagging. Corporate data production for multiple audiences can get pretty hairy, which was why simple-minded approaches weren't working for them.

@ricardojmendez I ended up explaining to them: "All the problems that you have today are problems that programmers solved ages ago."

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