Birdsite thread with good points on that I've heard before.

Some take-aways:

- Local timeline is intimidating. Imagine getting a twitter firehose as your welcome page. Maybe ask before showing it.
- Remote follow is a new concept. For new sign ups, showing some sample users to follow might double as a tutorial.
- No concept of "instance" in top-of-mind when using mobile apps, only email/pwd.
- "How do I find my friends?" is a big one.


@ricardojmendez @Gargron


I wrote down some UX issues I had with Twitter here “The Love-Hate relationship called Twitter” @ysamjo

Interestingly, Mastodon solves most of them (by copying an earlier version of Twitter, maybe 2015).

@ricardojmendez @Gargron But what I'm really not sure about is the character limit.

480 can be very TLDR. What I really love is the CW option. I think what I would like to see is the Toot limited to 140, while the CW part could expand to 1000 or so.
Like I suggested last year:

@ysamjo @Gargron Can be... but (anecdotal evidence time!) most of the toots in my timeline are nowhere near that long.

People use the cw as a "fold", but that's not what it's meant for. I wouldn't conflate both concepts. "Read more..." can be implemented at the UI level.

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