In ? I'll be speaking at SAP Inside Track this Saturday about distributed ledgers. Stop by!

The talk is currently walking a fine line between "how do you even?" and "why would you even?". It'll be interesting to see which shape it's in by Friday.

@ricardojmendez I see you'll be presenting about blockchain. What/How do you use it for? At work or...? Thanks

@dotemacs Right now I'm on the investment side of the table, with Samsung NEXT.

The talk will be more focused on technical characteristics, though. I expect the audience to be mostly enterprise developers. You just know that when there's a new hot platform/approach, someone, somewhere, is going to try and sell building every new project with it.

Hopefully it'll help save a few painful/pointless attempts, and sort out a few cases where it is a good fit. 😀


@dotemacs My pleasure! And thanks for the question, helped me realize I need to write an introduction - was jumping straight in.

@ricardojmendez cool, glad that I helped :)

Share the slide deck, as you usually do

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