From the "headlines I never thought I would see" department: Microsoft open sources its entire patent platform portfolio.

> We "pledge our entire patent portfolio to the Linux system. That's not just the Linux kernel, but other packages built on it."

@ricardojmendez Wow. Being critical though, obviously no business gives up billions in royalties for warm fuzzy feelings. So either they can’t monetise them anymore or they calculate that being OSS-friendly is worth more somehow. Either way is good for open source developers.

@cbowdon Of course. They are becoming a service provider more and more, their services are built on open source, and it behooves them to have the community on their side.

It's still an enlightened move. It requires management to see past the immediately yearly cash gain. Previous management tried to milk every cash cow until it died of dehydration, regardless of them having more money than they knew what to invest on.

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