Thinking about the state of the web, 2018 from technical, societal and ethical perspectives. Achievements, setbacks, seemingly intractavle problems, surprisingly positive developments. What are your most notable web developments, positive and negative?


@torgo I am positively surprised about how Mastodon seems to have taken off. I think its success is encouraging others and we are a lot more likely to see federated solutions in the future.

Negative? Facebook seems to be doing pretty well and staying the course, for a company that has screwed up spectacularly, publicly and repeatedly. One would have expected any one of these snafus to have an impact. It sends a bad message about people's regard for their own privacy.

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@ricardojmendez unfortunately I think Facebook management is still in denial. Facebook users need to look after their own privacy - I wrote some thoughts here :

@torgo Facebook management isn't in denial, there just haven't been any repercussions. As long as people continue using them, they don't have a lot of incentive to clean up their act.

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