I was going to announce it a bit later and more properly, but Mastodon received a $70k grant from Samsung NEXT through OpenCollective. I intend to make it available to those who contribute to the project, and have already notified some of the most regular contributors. The way OpenCollective works is that anyone can submit an expense and all transactions are listed transparently. It also holds the money.

As for myself, I intend to continue using Patreon for my own wage/costs.

@Gargron ...ok... Did not see that coming. I'm not sure what to think of it right now as I don't know what it really means for the future of :mastodon:. I love the work you've done so far but I hope they won't start asking you to make samsung-specific software. That I sure would not like at all.
I hope I'm being silly thinking this may happen. Mastodon is free software & alternative for great reasons and I'm sure you'll keep a focus on holding them true 😉
Good luck anyway

@ChameleonScales @Gargron Hi! No worries, that's not going to happen. If that was the intent, it would have been focused specifically on people building mobile clients, and it wouldn't have been a no-strings-attached grant.

(Source: I ran the program. 😉 )

@ricardojmendez Thanks. Sorry if I missed a chapter but which program are you talking about though?

@ChameleonScales The Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant which selected Mastodon and others. It's an on-going program.


@ChameleonScales Yeah, I'm pretty happy we are doing this. We'll have an announcement soon going over the teams we awarded, and plan to help showcase them as much as we can.

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