@yogthos also... pirate, and the artists don’t make any money.

Buy it... and some huge corporation gets 99% of the money and the artists get a few pennies.


@cryptograbear @yogthos Or you could use Bandcamp. Some time back I did an informal poll among musicians and it came ahead as their favorite channel by far.

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@ricardojmendez @yogthos Bandcamp’s not bad! I’ve had folks buy one song from my page using a “pay what you like” just to give me money when they thought I needed money.

There’s issues with albums that segue, like when the audio lasts from track 2 into track 3 without a break, but Bandcamp puts a pause in there— screws with the continuity I spent hours in the studio working on.

They take a cut, but it’s tiny— and downloaders get to keep their files forever!

@cryptograbear @yogthos I was pleasantly surprised to read that 40% of people pay more than the minimum.

Re segue: Does Bandcamp alter the uploads in any way? Or do you mean it's a problem with their player?

I usually just download the tracks, so I haven't noticed.

@ricardojmendez @yogthos Not entirely sure! I also may have not uploaded it correctly.

Either way it’s *least* awful platform by such a lead that I’d say it’s definitely good by comparison, and *almost* good just judged on its own.

Afaik Bandcamp doesn't alter anything, I've bought plenty of albums that have seamless transitions in them and they were all fine.
@ricardojmendez @yogthos

@yogthos @aladar @ricardojmendez It’s *great* for downloads, but the streaming player can get real buggy— often it stops playing when a track ends, if I’m trying to listen to a whole album....

Lately I’ve just been buying a ton of vinyl.

I've never had a problem with their web player, but I also barely use it, since I have no mobile data plan. I'm buying quite a lot of vinyl too, but a lot of the smaller releases don't make it here, so I have to import them for almost $40 a pop, which isn't too sustainable. Especially dick move is when the record doesn't even come with a download code. :/
@yogthos @ricardojmendez

@aladar @yogthos @ricardojmendez Living in NYC I can't walk into a record store without finding about five weird obscure albums on sale used for really cheap, wondering "Who the heck gave this up so that I might own it?"

The pains of living in a post-USSR country. The only cheap stuff is local folk and state-approved pop music. :( And then the cassettes/CDs took over and vinyl died here.
@yogthos @ricardojmendez

@aladar @yogthos @ricardojmendez OMG I am so sorry to hear that!! If you’re ever in NYC, DM me. We’ll take you to some great shops & let you come over and listen to records.

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