@yogthos Unclear. I suspect that the ad industry at large crashing would only serve to consolidate power into the Goliaths, who are likely to survive anyway.

@ricardojmendez I think it would be a huge opportunity for federated and open source networks like Mastodon. ActivityPub based federation is already growing rapidly with Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Write.as, and so on.

If the ad based networks take a hit, it's a direct benefit for the non-profit ones.

@yogthos I think you missed my point.

I’d believe that a crash might hit the ad-industry, and my wipe out a lot of small companies. I am less likely to believe that Google, Facebook and a Twitter would be swept along.

If anything, I’d expect Google to pick up a lot of new business, maybe take over areas that are currently dominated by other players.

@cwebber @yogthos They had $44 billion in cash, last I saw. That buys you a lot of weathering out storms.

@cwebber @ricardojmendez but if the business model is fundamentally unsound they still need to figure out how to monetize differently, and the ads we have today will start dying off

@cwebber @ricardojmendez also a lot of these companies are riding on investment confidence and don't have an actual business model, as I recall Twitter is still barely profitable


@yogthos @cwebber I am less concerned (socially) about Twitter than I am about Facebook.

FB doubled their cash on hand from 2017 to 2018.

They ain’t going anywhere for a while.

@ricardojmendez @yogthos Indeed, the damage of Facebook is also much higher because in general Twitter isn't used much for the private parts of peoples' lives.

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