Every layer you build upon adds intermediation.

Layers reframe and condition information for our consumption.

— Aneel Lakhani,

The mark of craft has changed as value changed. For it used to be leaving no mark on the paper, not it’s embossing.

“An essential quality of lettering is site-specificity.”

Catherine Dixon,

I’d never thought of as an example of before. Apparently the original PostScript printer had a more powerful CPU than the computer that was supposedly driving it.

is becoming a primary source and not being able to extract information from them consistently is an issue.


“Technology adoption is a game of chicken. There’s always the risk that your vendor will get bored of his own product.”

— Lars Trieloff,

“Yes, tech is sexist and exhausting, but the world is sexist and exhausting so where the fuck are you gonna go?”

— Charity Major,


“You can teach people skills. You can’t teach them not to be a dick and to value your culture.”

— Charity Majors,

Just realized how much gradually reducing friction goes hand in hand with layers getting commoditized.

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