is among the companies supporting the CLOUD act, which "privileges law enforcement at the expense of people’s privacy".

So much for them being pro .

"Notably, this bill would expand law enforcement access to private email and other online content [...]"

"[...] the legislation reduces protections for the personal privacy of technology users in an attempt to mollify tensions between law enforcement and U.S. technology companies."


@ricardojmendez this is part of that whole "we need to regulate some things on the internet, but the regulation we actually get is going to be the opposite of what we need" dynamic, isn't it.

@brennen @ricardojmendez possibly related: many countries (not just USA) are intending to move comms for public services away from traditional VHF/UHF radios (analogue and digital) to LTE technology (like mobile phones).

Apple are competing for this market alongside incumbents like Motorola, Sepura etc and have already had successes with both US and UK govt agencies. These agencies are willing to pay premium prices for bulk orders of equipment...

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