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Some personal thoughts from the event follow.

First, the internet doesn’t strip us of . It only makes it easy for you to broadcast your naked self, without any second thought, to be globally mirrored to CDNs for all eternity.

If we want more privacy, we need to make it easier for people to be translucent than transparent, make what we think is right the trivial option.

A team raising too much money and then pouring a huge chunk back into the community as a fund is a strong signal that they care about the space, aren’t a hype cash grab.

’s request for dApps reads as an answer to “what do we need to no longer need Facebook!”

Funny enough the link is to Google Docs.


Ricardo J. Méndez @ricardojmendez

Edward through Google Hangouts in a conference right besides the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

Definitely not a private event. 😂

Interviewer: “Are you familiar with cryptokitties, Ed?”

Snowden, after a pause, drawls out a deadpan: “... yeah”

Hardball questions, y’all.