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“Yes, tech is sexist and exhausting, but the world is sexist and exhausting so where the fuck are you gonna go?”

— Charity Major,

“Totally unscientific diagram” of as a craft not being dead yet.

Dormain Drewitz,

“Sustaining craft is about sustaining relationships” ‘ hallway track is the main event.


Google ' massive amount of building detail and where it comes from:


Goes into other topics, such as how to convey density and "areas of interest".

It also led me to "Visualizing Mental Maps of San Francisco", which is fascinating in its own right:


mastodon.social/media/nPT_PZda mastodon.social/media/FB12JzkZ

I guess digital ad billboards in run on Windows... and someone was trying to debug them.

From a /r/clojure post on people's preferred platform for where/how to host a channel and community.

Nevermind that it's the very definition of a straw poll - opinions of a few random users are not going to shift the mass of Slack users elsewhere. It's a bit sad that the only open source option in the top 3 is IRC, and modern alternatives like /#Riot only show up in fifth place.


doing a killer job of error reporting.


Its configuration validator caught a misplaced key-value pair. Instead of ignoring it, which would be perfectly valid given it's just a hashmap, it prints out hints as to what you may have been trying to do, and where to look for more documentation.

Not saying that's blood splatter, or that someone got killed with this hotel iron, but... if you don't hear from me in a few days, you know what happened.


When something goes wrong and your photo preview gets Brundleflied with your code and work notes. mastodon.social/media/9fcRVcb0