was rather fast getting their videos online. Here's "The Truth of the Thing" - my talk about cognitive accessibility, technology adoption and mistakes I've made.


If you'd rather read, here's what I originally wrote:


Baffled I hadn't heard about Data Terra Nemo until yesterday - looks like a smashing event for and .


Berlin, May 17 & 18. Glad I got a ticket before they ran out.

Here's our belated Stack Zero Grant recipient announcement.


These nine teams are helping empower individuals and communities through decentralization technology. I'm proud that Samsung NEXT is supporting them.

Stack Zero Grant applications close this Friday, November 30th:


We're giving grants of between $25,000 and $70,000 to non-commercial or research projects focused on decentralization.

Reach out of you have any questions!

Ecstatic to be able to announce the Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant: an effort to help support teams doing non-profit work on , including , , and other areas.


Submissions welcome - please boost, I’d like to spread this through the . Reach out if you have any questions!

Learned today that @matrix is the official communication tool of the French government:



- Governments can be thought of as internally decentralized, because there's lots of disparate institutions, so each gets to run their node;
- When it comes to adoption, there's still an advantage in having a centralized decision maker mandating platform choice.

Radical Networks is taking place this coming week in , with workshops on , universal income, and a host of other topics.

Reach out if you'll be around!


Here's the transcript for "Ledgers - When would you even...", a talk I gave to enterprise developers at SAP Inside Track Berlin.


There should be a video online soon.

Experimenting with on macOS and I suspect I'm missing something. I'm using core 0.18.0 and browser 0.26.1.

When my default browser is Chrome, things mostly behave as expected - I can sign into applications after creating a local account.

On Firefox, I keep getting that I need to setup Blockstack to sign in, even if I just created an account.

On either case, it looks like I need to restore my keychain if I exit the browser and clean cookies.

Any pointers?

A team raising too much money and then pouring a huge chunk back into the community as a fund is a strong signal that they care about the space, aren’t a hype cash grab.

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Update toot! Yesterday I officially started with NEXT as their Technical Director in Europe. Looks to be a fascinating challenge!


Today I'm off to a event in . If you're around, say hi!

This might just get me back to Firefox:

"Mozilla has always been a proponent of , recognizing that it is a key ingredient of a healthy Internet. Starting with Firefox 59, several protocols that support decentralized architectures are available for use by extensions. The newly approved protocols are:

Dat Project (dat://)
IPFS (dweb:// ipfs:// ipns://)
Secure Scuttlebutt (ssb://)"


Two links for original sources. One 404s and the other is for a dead subdomain.


The web is written on tissue paper and left out in the rain.

Something like would help, but I wonder about searchability, ease-of-finding.

If your approach to "fast decentralized transactions" involves a small list of large, white-listed validators, you haven't decentralized anything - you've re-discovered interbank settlement.

Last year in / :


"So what lies ahead? It’s hard to predict the level of progress we’re going to make in the core team, as it really depends on long-term funding."

Matrix is one of those projects where I wasn't entirely clear on how they're supported. Such a funding need must be hard to communicate while trying to give out an impression of stability. Glad they're openly addressing it.


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