Exodus Privacy is a fantastic tool to examine what trackers an Android application has:


If you really need to use an app that is tracker-laden, then Blokada is your friend:


Here's our belated Stack Zero Grant recipient announcement.


These nine teams are helping empower individuals and communities through decentralization technology. I'm proud that Samsung NEXT is supporting them.

Visual Capitalist: what the big tech companies know about you.


Good summary, but I disagree with the cavalier attitude that:

"it’s a no-brainer that Amazon has your credit card information, or that Google knows what websites you visit. Even the least tech-savvy person would likely understand this."

No, they wouldn't. There's a huge difference between understanding that they "might have access to" and "storing and data-mining until the end of time".

Stack Zero Grant applications close this Friday, November 30th:


We're giving grants of between $25,000 and $70,000 to non-commercial or research projects focused on decentralization.

Reach out of you have any questions!

My favorite talk. Bernd Fix lectures about software design, politics and creating things that get used in ways you did not intend.

"Although technology has become the dominant mediator of societal change this day, and therefore is political by definition, a lot of people seem to disclaim this fact".


Radical Networks is taking place this coming week in , with workshops on , universal income, and a host of other topics.

Reach out if you'll be around!


Tresorit just raised €11.5 on a series B:


Some months ago they had failed to raise $1MM on IndieGoGo for Preevat, a privacy-focused social network. I expect those plans are now out the window.

Glad to see a -focused service get some backing. Let's hope it signals a change in market perception.

Birdshot now walks your status timeline and deletes tweets older than the expiration date.


Sorry it took so long to add a few dozen lines, been busy. ☺️

Remember that the timeline API only returns the last 3200 tweets. To delete tweets older than that, you'll need to request an archive.

"She noticed that her Android phone prompted her to rate a shopping trip to Kohl's, even though she had turned Location History off."

Yeah, I've gotten that myself. According to AP, Google still tracks your location, even if you've turned that setting off.


"Remember the rubber hose", a talk I gave a few weeks ago about , distributed applications and ledgers.


The text version is on my site, if you prefer to read:


Sacrificing on the altar of :

"Implementation of Article 13 results in a total real-time filtering of every piece of content that will be uploaded to the internet."

Want to get a Great Firewall of Europe? Because that's how you get a Great Firewall of Europe.


I'd missed this when it came out: Phil Zimmermann, creator of , is joining StartPage to work on an encrypted mail service.


DuckDuckGo seems to have a better PR machine than StartPage, but it's good to see that StartPage is still in the race. The space needs more active investment.

Help me out, feediverse! Some time ago I ran into a site where you could enter the name for an APK and it'd list all the included trackers.

Anyone has the link? My search-fu is weak today.

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