@torgo I am positively surprised about how Mastodon seems to have taken off. I think its success is encouraging others and we are a lot more likely to see federated solutions in the future.

Negative? Facebook seems to be doing pretty well and staying the course, for a company that has screwed up spectacularly, publicly and repeatedly. One would have expected any one of these snafus to have an impact. It sends a bad message about people's regard for their own privacy.

@fribbledom This is absolutely my favorite explicit image from the bunch.

Sometimes a street lamp is just a street lamp, Tumblr.

@Gargron Here's a bug:

- Click on Most Popular;
- Scroll down, press 2 to paginate

The URL that it redirects to is mastodon.social/explore?page=2 instead of mastodon.social/explore/popula

Feature request for @tootapp : make it easier to find and answer direct messages I've received.

Currently the only way is to scroll through the notifications, being able to see them separately would help.

RT @recursecenter@twitter.com: We're offering $10,000 Fellowships to women working on open source programming projects, research, and art for our batch starting Jan 7. 50% of funding is reserved for women, trans, and non-binary people of color.

Apply now: recurse.com/blog/145-fellowshi

Please help spread the word!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/recursecenter/stat

So I wrote a thread on birdsite on the #Six4Three Facebook files confiscated and released by UK Parliament. Enjoy + feel free to RT the crap out of it:


#SurveillanceCapitalism #Facebook

@yogthos And nobody ever got exploited under communism - talk about idealizing a system. 😂

Look at it the other way: dystopian fiction about capitalism can act as a warning, help us examine it better.

Clearly the utopian communist fiction is only reinforcing the idea that it's all ponies and rainbows, against all historical evidence.

@yogthos Maybe it's because communism assumes that humans all get along, are perfectly nice to each other, and won't try to abuse the system?

You know, unlike actual humans or communism implementations. Seems to go well with an imagined perfect state of things. 😉

@truhe I get that with the native “Share” option, but it doesn’t record the source toot.

Here's the video for "The Arrival of a Train":


(In case you're more into viewing than reading)

@mike @bjoern Thanks! Do you know if there's a dockerfile somewhere for easy testing/deployment?

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