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"Starting with an initial $50,000,000 in funding, we can now increase the size of our team, our capacity, and our ambitions"

Woha. Great news.


I wake up, listen to the radio. It's today again. Must try harder, to move on to tomorrow.
I swore that every day I'd make the world a better place. Some days take more than others, but I always manage it. Eventually.

@yogthos That doesn't look like a CC-licensed list but like a repository of other people's books. There's at least two in the Clojure folder which _aren't_ CC: old editions of Programming Clojure and The Joy of Clojure.

Software startups which aren’t afraid of open sourcing core components signal that they are the ones best poised to build something even better on top.

Don’t have that confidence? You’re going to feel the pull to keep as much as you can closed. Job security by obscurity.

Might do a follow up to this bit expanding on that: numergent.com/2018-01/Fast-is-

Anyone more familiar with can comment on what's necessary to signal that a centralized site has a P2P version available?

How do you publish under a human-readable URL?

@david_ross Sure, I will once I've collected a few more notes. The impression is stronger on older laptops (say, a 2011 MBP vs. a 2015), but the 2015 MBP makes it clearer that it's not an issue of speed alone.

Chrome does behave more consistently on both, though, animation differences or not.

Superb summary by Matthew Gilliard, highlighting (among other things) how great the hallway track was.


Reading it now and getting a condensed view of the talks, it's once again intoxicating how much energy there was in all of them: even when people were angry about a particular side of the software industry, it was clear every speaker loved what they do - from dissecting PDFs to lettering to making beer.


@sn0w "For those asking, yes, these changes came about in part due to our settlement with Getty Images this week"

i.e., the "discover information" bit is just a post-facto justification. At least they're not absolutely pretending it's a product decision instead of the outcome of a legal tussle.

Emblematic that a joke reply about snowboarding to @CapnRat on the birdsite can get so many likes from people who, judging by the context, don't even consider if he looks like the snowboarding character.

@loke @mdallastella @amiloradovsky Not necessarily. Could be they are just testing the waters to see if there’s any value to be extracted.

@yogthos There's lots of points to dissect, but it mostly seems like the author saying that, for them, the marginal value is irrelevant. Their call. One assigns different values to different variables and ends up with a different result.

Having said that, now that websites and advertising services have become shameless enough to even do drive-by mining, I'd rather any that escape uBlock don't also have my home address.

Wondering how much principles would apply to areas like . There's the argument that your design has a value, but being realistic, Zara's going to swoop in and copy it anyway.

I wonder if brands could just compete on craft and build.

I'm hosting Managers & Board games this Sunday. Topic: Team metrics. Game: Carcassonne. Come hang out 🏰 meetup.com/Kaizen-Berlin/event

is among the companies supporting the CLOUD act, which "privileges law enforcement at the expense of people’s privacy".

So much for them being pro .


"Notably, this bill would expand law enforcement access to private email and other online content [...]"

"[...] the legislation reduces protections for the personal privacy of technology users in an attempt to mollify tensions between law enforcement and U.S. technology companies."


Disappointingly supported by select tech companies, the CLOUD Act is a dangerous new bill that would harm data priv… twitter.com/i/web/status/96251 source: twitter.com/eff/status/9625117