@FiXato @strypey Yes, it is. The Finder shows it as a single file, much like it does with applications, but it's actually a folder.

You can cd to it on the terminal as you would with any other.

Deep in the forest, on the bare ground under a beech tree, tiny crystals had been spread to form arcane symbols and a summoning circle. A demon appeared inside it, and frowned.
"Sugar?" the demon said.
"Yes," the warlock said defiantly. "Salt is bad for the soil."

RT @kentbye
These ethical web principles are @torgo said these World Wide Web Consortium (@w3c) Technical Architecture Group findings on ethical web design principles were updated in May 2019.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is the most famous of Hokusai's Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, which are color woodcut prints.

@cwebber @ekaitz_zarraga This is also a grant, but focused on changing the economics of the web.


It could be a good thought exercise for how your work could be come monetizable, and grow from there into a sustainable business.

Avengers: Infinity War 

I am happy that RMS finally stepped down as FSF president. The Free Software and Open Source movement deserves a new and better leadership which understands diversity, community, business and decency.

I met a couple people at XOXO who told me how much they like my RFC blog and it really meant a lot to hear that in person!!!

The Case for the Unattributed Message 

is really close !

So much looking forward to see you in

Most organizers will travel 9 hours tomorrow, so if you have any questions it would be nice to ask them now.
We are also in IRC …

Wishing safe and happy travels !

, please share the word, there is a TOOT button :

@codesections The main rebuttals go like this: when he says "don't use e-mail", users respond with "I have to use e-mail."

Similarly, he is recommending tools that aren't actually available to non-techies (wormhole, which by the way depends on a single centralize relay server operated by an unpaid volunteer), or available at all (age, which is a design doc in Google Docs). Signal is only an option if you feel safe handing out your mobile number.

And so on.

The critiques of PGP are valid, but the recommendations fall short. #OpenPGP remains relevant because it hasn't been replaced in many important use cases.

@0 @Karlitschek @tuttle Let's leave aside the difference between someone trying to run a business and a project. Again, if they'd simply changed their minds, I wouldn't begrudge them that either.

It's their call. They're funding the software, they get to choose how to release it going forward. 🤷‍♂️

@0 @Karlitschek @tuttle That's why I wrote _what they see as_. You're free to disagree. It's clear that to them this is an issue.

10gen is almost as old as AWS. Lots of efforts predate large, closed cloud service. I can absolutely see someone focused on their product not foreseeing the rise of platform providers. Most people didn't.

Hindsight makes things real clear.

And fwiw, even if they had foreseen it back then and been OK with it, I still don't begrudge people changing their mind.

@tuttle @0 @Karlitschek Actually... you don't necessarily need to live with that. They decided they didn't. 😆

I've used almost exclusively MIT and LGPL for my projects. I maintained those for years. But I did it out of an advantageous position: I didn't have employees to support with them.

To MongoDB, seems a stab at sustainability is more important than license ideology. Others can think differently.

It'll be interesting to see what the effect is regarding community contributions, though.

@0 @Karlitschek @tuttle Given that they are not arguing that the license is FOSS, and state that it isn't OSI-approved, I don't think they are that confused.

To me, they are just a company trying to find a sustainable path, avoiding what they see as a loophole that allows large providers to profit from them without contributing.

Can't fault them for that.

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