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Hey, #Berlin people! A new social centre is starting to organise in Neukölln and they're having a summer fest tomorrow!

More details here:

I'm showing a selection of Final Girls films, horror films made by women (suitable for a teen audience), starting around 20:30, for free of course! There will also be a vegan bbq, music, a workshop on anonymous software and encryption by @resist_berlin and a lot more, just come, it'll be gr8

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It's virtually impossible to opt out.

It needs dozens of taps, some require you to go to the partner site to opt out which I didn't even attempt, and the navigation actually coerces you to go to the site instead of going back to opt out of the other categories.

Shame, imgur. One of the worst. Deserves an

#GDPRHallOfShame #GDPR

"Remember the rubber hose", a talk I gave a few weeks ago about , distributed applications and ledgers.

The text version is on my site, if you prefer to read:

Structure is good, but you have got to leave room for emergence.

So, hi. Yes, I am one of the #diaspora* core devs, but no, we don't hate Mastodon over there. In fact, I think that comparing micro-blogging like Mastodon to something like diaspora* is a bit... weird.

Anyway, just here to fill some of the micro-blogging needs twitter failed to deliver.

RT ALWAYS wiggle the card reader! Don't get scammed!

Sacrificing on the altar of :

"Implementation of Article 13 results in a total real-time filtering of every piece of content that will be uploaded to the internet."

Want to get a Great Firewall of Europe? Because that's how you get a Great Firewall of Europe.

Tomorrow the EU-parliament will vote whether to proceed with a #CopyrightDirective. You can read here about the impacts it would have in five languages, and might want to sign the petition, too:

barely gives any discount on some books, compared to their child company BookDepository. Seems to me this happens mostly on titles with a smaller audience (e.g. Peter Watts).

On those cases, the Kindle book is about 50%-60% of the price, whereas in others it's common to see Kindle books that are almost the same price as the printed book.

Wouldn't surprise me if they're pushing to go -only for anything that is not mass-market.

Here's "It's all about the curry", my Monkigras 2018 talk on software craft:

Delivered a lot of talks over the years, but I gotta say this has been one of my favorites so far.


The knights and ladies rode to hunt, their cats astride their gloved hands. They were released to pursue prey; some returned a mouse, others brought newt or frog, and some simply had a nap.
The noble whose cat seemed most content was declared the mistress or master of the hunt.

I'd missed this when it came out: Phil Zimmermann, creator of , is joining StartPage to work on an encrypted mail service.

DuckDuckGo seems to have a better PR machine than StartPage, but it's good to see that StartPage is still in the race. The space needs more active investment.

We've got 3 new opportunities to join our team!

- Fundraising Director
- Project Manager for Network Projects
- Project Manager with Product Exp

These full-time positions can be performed remotely or from our office in Seattle.

Theo Schlossnagle's Monkigras talk about ethics and software development is a must-watch - specially on this age where technology controls so much of people's daily lives.

“Everybody is looking for talent. I’m looking for professionals.”


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