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“Yes, tech is sexist and exhausting, but the world is sexist and exhausting so where the fuck are you gonna go?”

— Charity Major,

“Technology adoption is a game of chicken. There’s always the risk that your vendor will get bored of his own product.”

— Lars Trieloff,

is becoming a primary source and not being able to extract information from them consistently is an issue.


I’d never thought of as an example of before. Apparently the original PostScript printer had a more powerful CPU than the computer that was supposedly driving it.

“An essential quality of lettering is site-specificity.”

Catherine Dixon,

The mark of craft has changed as value changed. For it used to be leaving no mark on the paper, not it’s embossing.

Every layer you build upon adds intermediation.

Layers reframe and condition information for our consumption.

— Aneel Lakhani,

“Sustaining craft is about sustaining relationships” ‘ hallway track is the main event.

People who switched from to : does Chrome still feel snappier?

I can't tell what it is, but there's a fluid feeling I get from Chrome that I'm just not feeling here. Like new tabs in Firefox land with a _thud_ whereas Chrome's just slide in.
I'd say subjectively it feels like it takes them about the same time to open, but there's something lacking in the feel as a whole.

It's not as extreme, but it's like the feel of using a Java desktop application vs. a native one.

HUGE NEWS: has invested a whopping $5M in New Vector (the company which currently employs most of the core team) in order to further the cause of open decentralised communication!!

Fast is not enough, or why you may want to open source that shiny new piece your enterprise-focused company just wrote:

I hadn't realized that most add-ons were compatible with out of the box. Great move on their part - switching browsers now doesn't feel that much like changing your operating system.

On the minus, it looks like Firefox has yet to implement Chrome's option of disabling extensions on private mode by default. I don't see any way to configure it either.

Strange omission for a browser that 's usually considered the more private option.

This might just get me back to Firefox:

"Mozilla has always been a proponent of , recognizing that it is a key ingredient of a healthy Internet. Starting with Firefox 59, several protocols that support decentralized architectures are available for use by extensions. The newly approved protocols are:

Dat Project (dat://)
IPFS (dweb:// ipfs:// ipns://)
Secure Scuttlebutt (ssb://)"

Fascinating, rambling read from Steve Yegge on leaving , payments in South-East Asia and how ride-sharing is different there:

Why you should come to Monkigras:

a yearly conference focused on , organized by @redmonk in .

Excellent talks, great sense of community (where not even the sponsors are allowed to just pitch), and completely unexpected situations. It's the only conference where one could just have an impromptu panel with Kent Beck interviewing two craft beer brewery owners.

Brain hacking, filter bubbles, social media manipulation and why people should own their data:

It's a piece by a investor, so the ideas are geared towards regulation. Things that are more likely to preserve its long-term value. Nowhere in sight is a suggestion that, hey, you may want to stop using it for as long as they act this way.

Say what you will about markets, companies still listen when their cashflow is affected.

Installed Little Snitch. I've lived without it for a long time, but with more desktop applications reaching out to Facebook, Google Analytics, and other tracking services, it was about time.

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