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Superb summary by Matthew Gilliard, highlighting (among other things) how great the hallway track was.

Reading it now and getting a condensed view of the talks, it's once again intoxicating how much energy there was in all of them: even when people were angry about a particular side of the software industry, it was clear every speaker loved what they do - from dissecting PDFs to lettering to making beer.


Emblematic that a joke reply about snowboarding to @CapnRat on the birdsite can get so many likes from people who, judging by the context, don't even consider if he looks like the snowboarding character.

Wondering how much principles would apply to areas like . There's the argument that your design has a value, but being realistic, Zara's going to swoop in and copy it anyway.

I wonder if brands could just compete on craft and build.

I'm hosting Managers & Board games this Sunday. Topic: Team metrics. Game: Carcassonne. Come hang out 🏰

is among the companies supporting the CLOUD act, which "privileges law enforcement at the expense of people’s privacy".

So much for them being pro .

"Notably, this bill would expand law enforcement access to private email and other online content [...]"

"[...] the legislation reduces protections for the personal privacy of technology users in an attempt to mollify tensions between law enforcement and U.S. technology companies."


Disappointingly supported by select tech companies, the CLOUD Act is a dangerous new bill that would harm data priv… source:

Post moneyball: on an efficient market, you better focus on .

Among other notes, rest helps (go figure!).

"Research from FiveThirtyEight, for example, shows that NBA teams are rethinking workloads and resting players earlier and more often than in years past in an attempt to keep them healthy and improve their performance."


is an open-source, private alternative to which stores notes using .

Usability isn't there yet - for example, you can't change the font size, so notes can be hard to read. It might be a good alternative for some, though.

John Perry Barlow has died. He was a founding member of both the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and wrote the "Declaration of Cyberspace Independence", which begins...

> "Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone."

He was a visionary and it is our loss.

Couldn't make it to ? Here's a write-up of my talk on and teams, "It's about the curry":

It was my first time giving it - wouldn't have come out nearly as well without the help of a lot of people. Thanks to everyone who went over a draft!

@ricardojmendez I think that it also incentivizes people to spend some of their leisure/social time at the office, which invisibly results in more time spent thinking and talking about work projects and problems.

Early-stage startup hiring hinges on delayed gratification. People are always giving something up - easier hours, better pay, stability - in exchange of future potential value.

Maybe that's at the root of the ping-pong tables, foosball and free beer. They give a modicum of immediate gratification, keep the monkey brain quiet.

Braid is still an interesting concept, but I can't see myself working from many thin strips. Surprised that you can't just expand one to focus on it, I'd hate to have multiple updating vertical threads.

Glad that they're going to do via , it'd save them from becoming a content cul-de-sac.

Just realized how much gradually reducing friction goes hand in hand with layers getting commoditized.

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