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"Only" 270k people participated in a survey, but since it also provided access to friends, Cambridge Analytica ended up with 50 million raw profiles.

FB then decides to do something about it... a good few years after the damage is done.

Buuut they do it while threatening to sue The Guardian for calling it a breach. One can only assume it was working as intended.

I've finally gotten around to adding dependency caching to my Memento builds. Silly I kept forgetting, it significantly speeds up the build process.

Hadn't done any development in months. First thing that hit me coming back is how is still magic.

I have no idea how other toolchains get by without it.

Elaborating: I expect @Mastodon is going to raise the barrier of entry for astroturfing beyond what's practical and economically viable.

Where do you go to pretend "you're one of the gang" when the gang doesn't gather in one place?

How do you game the promotional algorithms when there is no algorithm there for you to game, no "trending tag" to piggyback on?

Astroturfing will soon go the way of the soap-sponsored variety show.

The future is communities and soon enough you won't be able to astroturf that.

Tried to send @yogthos an image.

Why are you still on Slack, Clojurians? Just move to / already.

Using Maps on and it's doing this creepy thing where it tells you "hey, I know where you are, how about you take a picture and feed it to me?"

Anybody knows how to turn it off? I have location history off, but can't find the setting for Location Reporting mentioned here:

If you like Mastodon, there are various ways to help the project that don't involve any money. For example, you can help us spread the message of Mastodon on other platforms where you still have accounts. On Twitter, our outreach account is MastodonProject. On Facebook and Instagram, our outreach account is joinmastodon.

A startup with a strong tech focus at 's could have gotten every investor's attention.

There were a a few dozen startups there. The vast majority were consumer apps, teams saying they were going to build a consumer app, or (guess?) companies offering to build apps for you.

The low hanging fruit's gone. You should be focusing on tech, plumbing, the hard to replicate things.

Interviewer: “Are you familiar with cryptokitties, Ed?”

Snowden, after a pause, drawls out a deadpan: “... yeah”

Hardball questions, y’all.

Edward through Google Hangouts in a conference right besides the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

Definitely not a private event. 😂

’s request for dApps reads as an answer to “what do we need to no longer need Facebook!”

Funny enough the link is to Google Docs.

A team raising too much money and then pouring a huge chunk back into the community as a fund is a strong signal that they care about the space, aren’t a hype cash grab.

Some personal thoughts from the event follow.

First, the internet doesn’t strip us of . It only makes it easy for you to broadcast your naked self, without any second thought, to be globally mirrored to CDNs for all eternity.

If we want more privacy, we need to make it easier for people to be translucent than transparent, make what we think is right the trivial option.

Update toot! Yesterday I officially started with NEXT as their Technical Director in Europe. Looks to be a fascinating challenge!

Today I'm off to a event in . If you're around, say hi!

Hey #scuttlebutt I got a tray application going on providing "sbot" features to #Firefox add-ons and potentially other local apps.

Similar tray apps could provide #ipfs and #datproject features to the local system making them available to browser add-ons.

This should be interesting to those into #Decentralization and wanting to make #Mozilla more suitable for decentralized technologies.

Dissecting the hypermodern entities of our economically fluid times, where you can just cobble together a "supply cloud" and brandswarm people on Instagram:

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