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Experimenting with on macOS and I suspect I'm missing something. I'm using core 0.18.0 and browser 0.26.1.

When my default browser is Chrome, things mostly behave as expected - I can sign into applications after creating a local account.

On Firefox, I keep getting that I need to setup Blockstack to sign in, even if I just created an account.

On either case, it looks like I need to restore my keychain if I exit the browser and clean cookies.

Any pointers?

Most importantly, stop putting institutional events on Facebook, stop using it at universities, stop making participation in Facebook mandatory through your institutional, organization, and activist roles. You can be online, and social, and connected without supporting Facebook.

Does your own household recycling matter? No. We do it anyway and hope that as a society we'll all do it. Does your boycotting of corporations that support evil politicians matter alone? No. We do it anyway and hope many will join us. Boycotts work as a tactic. Boycott Facebook.

Gingko, a great editor for when you need to organize your ideas, is now available under a pay-what-you-want approach:

The author has also open-sourced the Elm client:

I've used it to plan the last three talks I've given - I highly recommend it.

Looks like Asana is going from "multiplayer todo list" to "pretty Gantt charts". Took them a while. I wonder how much of that was not having the dev time, and how much just wanting to avoid the waterfall stigma.

End of the day, is still a good cognitive prosthesis, and in complex projects you need all the cognitive help you can get.

People who want to hack on #Dat, peer-to-peer replication, append-only logs, data ownership, all that lot, and get paid for it—

Apply to be a Ford–Mozilla Open Web Fellow:

This glorious age when both your TV and external speakers have a firmware, there's an issue between them, you can't tell which side is at fault to further debug it and neither seems to be maintained.

The future is annoying.

Calling for regulation on is saying "someone oughta do something".

You can do something yourself: stop feeding them your data, convince others to do the same.

The alternatives might be less convenient or carry some cost, but if you are hoping someone will give you just the service you want, for free, with no trade-offs whatsoever, then you're well on your way to buying a bridge.

"Only" 270k people participated in a survey, but since it also provided access to friends, Cambridge Analytica ended up with 50 million raw profiles.

FB then decides to do something about it... a good few years after the damage is done.

Buuut they do it while threatening to sue The Guardian for calling it a breach. One can only assume it was working as intended.

I've finally gotten around to adding dependency caching to my Memento builds. Silly I kept forgetting, it significantly speeds up the build process.

Hadn't done any development in months. First thing that hit me coming back is how is still magic.

I have no idea how other toolchains get by without it.

Elaborating: I expect @Mastodon is going to raise the barrier of entry for astroturfing beyond what's practical and economically viable.

Where do you go to pretend "you're one of the gang" when the gang doesn't gather in one place?

How do you game the promotional algorithms when there is no algorithm there for you to game, no "trending tag" to piggyback on?

Astroturfing will soon go the way of the soap-sponsored variety show.

The future is communities and soon enough you won't be able to astroturf that.

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