I will be upgrading toot.cafe tonight to a beefier instance, and then I will open up registrations again tomorrow so that more friends can join.

My goal is to reach something around 600-1000 people. If we mostly get JavaScript/Node/web/etc folks and that becomes the culture, then great, but I'm also open to just allowing whoever in.

My main goal is that we reach a critical mass where it's a bit easier for newbies to get started. Small instances are a tad lonely.

Today has been one hell of a day! I have been working on both devops and code optimization non-stop, as well as answering questions and e-mails. A lot of ms have been shaved off of requests and background jobs. Instance admins should probably update to the latest master. I'll be looking into adopting a more stable release system than just the master branch.

Oh also, I did read that "Mastodon will go extinct" article. The author doesn't get it, and didn't reach out to me at all.

The true test of mastodon will be if people use it to talk about anything other than mastodon

wow mastodon censors out your private key if you post it. that's really smart


I do feel bad for long-time mastodon users (what do we call each other by the way? tooters?) who have been watching the last 24 hours like 'there goes the neighbourhood' mastodon.social/media/Lflj96C4

Do you get notifications about stuff that happens on other instances? E.g. I got mentioned in a toot over here --> social.tchncs.de/@teleclimber/

...but only found out because I happened to be looking at @teleclimber's profile. is that a feature or a bug?

eh, that didn't turn out so well. it's supposed to be two dogs humping. need a monospace font

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So, still at the stage where me and a bunch of other people on mastodon are discussing mastodon... on Twitter (sorry, birdsite). Going to be a hard habit to break

In other news, 500 characters feels like when I moved from a basement studio flat into a house. So much room! I want to put luxurious ASCII art everywhere

__/o \_
\____ \
/ \
__ //\ \
__/o \-//--\ \_/
\____ ___ \ |
|| \ |\ |
_|| _||_||

I really hope this thing catches on and becomes mainstream, mostly because I want to watch stony-faced news anchors talking about the president's toots

Ok I'm 100% here for calling tweets 'toots' but can someone explain to me what an awoo is, thanks


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