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@derekcecillewis ah yes, beam does actually do both. i still prefer toot — i think both 'toot' and 'beam' sound ridiculous, but 'toot' is self-knowingly so and has a lot more 'charisma'. i don't know if the charm would wear off with continued usage though

@TehShrike heh, it's just a dumb joke — everyone was putting green 'verified' checkmarks next to their names so i thought i'd be clever

@derekcecillewis I feel like it should a) reflect the platform and b) be usable as a verb and a noun. 'Tweet' and 'toot' both achieve that, whereas the options in the linked tweet don't. What are the objections to 'toot'? (re 'boost', I quite like 'trumpet'...


I will be upgrading tonight to a beefier instance, and then I will open up registrations again tomorrow so that more friends can join.

My goal is to reach something around 600-1000 people. If we mostly get JavaScript/Node/web/etc folks and that becomes the culture, then great, but I'm also open to just allowing whoever in.

My main goal is that we reach a critical mass where it's a bit easier for newbies to get started. Small instances are a tad lonely.

Today has been one hell of a day! I have been working on both devops and code optimization non-stop, as well as answering questions and e-mails. A lot of ms have been shaved off of requests and background jobs. Instance admins should probably update to the latest master. I'll be looking into adopting a more stable release system than just the master branch.

Oh also, I did read that "Mastodon will go extinct" article. The author doesn't get it, and didn't reach out to me at all.

@teleclimber @rauschma @Gargron I'd feel guilty about that given the amount of noise there must be on that repo right now, but maybe!

@kirocuto @nolan yes! the reply box should appear below the toot you're replying to

The true test of mastodon will be if people use it to talk about anything other than mastodon

wow mastodon censors out your private key if you post it. that's really smart


@oneoffsuit the second one! they just have my sympathy, is all

@teleclimber @rauschma ok I'm making this an official proposal — @Gargron can we change 'boosting' to 'trumpeting' please? 🎺😆 (I'm joking. But only a bit)

@bright_moon yeah, and it's particularly interesting given the dynamics of federation, which will be truly fascinating to watch unfold

@Satchpiglet i hope so! not every network can survive this kind of influx (of people with subtly different expectations) — existing norms can be swept away if enough new people aren't familiar with them, and replaced with new ones. like white people gentrifying brooklyn (i'm one of those, too. ugh, i'm the worst)

I do feel bad for long-time mastodon users (what do we call each other by the way? tooters?) who have been watching the last 24 hours like 'there goes the neighbourhood'