I really hope this thing catches on and becomes mainstream, mostly because I want to watch stony-faced news anchors talking about the president's toots

@rich_harris The naming needs to get better: “boost” is not a very descriptive word. I like “retweet” much better.

@rauschma given the elephant theme I propose 'trumpet'. 'Axel trumpeted your toot'

@teleclimber @rauschma ok I'm making this an official proposal — @Gargron can we change 'boosting' to 'trumpeting' please? 🎺😆 (I'm joking. But only a bit)

@rich_harris @gargron @rauschma I'm in favor. Do we need to file a bug for this to get attention?

@teleclimber @rauschma @Gargron I'd feel guilty about that given the amount of noise there must be on that repo right now, but maybe!

@rich_harris @rauschma @gargron Yeah it's a bit intense in there right now.

I read a comment on HN that "trumpet" was considered "too long" by the community. I don't see it, but there it is.

@rich_harris "The president tooted at 3 am again". This is everything.

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