I do feel bad for long-time mastodon users (what do we call each other by the way? tooters?) who have been watching the last 24 hours like 'there goes the neighbourhood'

@rich_harris surely it's to be celebrated? The answer to Twitter's toxicity?

@Satchpiglet i hope so! not every network can survive this kind of influx (of people with subtly different expectations) — existing norms can be swept away if enough new people aren't familiar with them, and replaced with new ones. like white people gentrifying brooklyn (i'm one of those, too. ugh, i'm the worst)

@rich_harris well, I guess we'll see. The hordes are coming and I should know, I'm one of them.

@rich_harris yeah, they must be seeing lots of "hello world" and introductions filling up the local timelines but also a lot of references to Twitter being worse or better.

When I see the "Lets make this the new better Twitter" etc. I feel like saying that this is someone else's party that us newbies have just crashed and that we can't just demand it goes how we would like it to.

@bright_moon yeah, and it's particularly interesting given the dynamics of federation, which will be truly fascinating to watch unfold

@rich_harris couldn't they just retreat to a exclusive 'early adopter' instance that isn't federated and live out their life of exclusivity? Or are you just saying they want to be clear they liked the band before it was mainstream, emo/hipster style?

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