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Richard Goodness

To the untrained eye it may look like I'm spoiling my players, but this is just to lull them into a false sense of security for when I sic the Spectator Beholder on them in the next room :)

I don't wanna do Dungeon prep for this weekend :(

This Tide pod bullshit is yet another one of my "get off my fucking lawn" moments.

Good idea: Giving away a free game to your loyal customers.

Bad idea: That free game is Carmageddon.

The job that had a questionnaire with a bunch of questions about illegal drug use in the work place called me back for an interview. They asked me if I wouldn't mind shaving my beard as a condition of employment. Yup, not the right fit for me.

Your bot and/or neural net is not as clever, interesting, or coherent as you think.

I made a wee public Patreon post about what to expect from me over the next few months, and it may be of interest to some folks here! I'm gonna be doing more games, fiction, nonfiction and so on, involving queerness, witches, monsters, the occult, etc etc etc.

I haven't been blogging because I've barely been playing any videogames for the past couple weeks. I've been *reading*, like a fucking *animal*.

Somehow the job I applied to that had a 5-page personality quiz, half of which asking me my thoughts on illegal drugs in the workplace, isn't a good fit for me.

Populous or Populous 2? Does anyone have any insight? I have never played a Populous.

That's The Fifth Head of Cerberus done. Like everything I've read by Gene Wolfe, I didn't understand a fucking word. I look forward to rereading it and understanding it even less!

Reading Gene Wolfe before bed is, like, always the worst idea.

I have two comments I should have responded to about two weeks ago and I haven't gotten up the nerve to, let alone to actually writing a post.

Perhaps the blogging lifestyle isn't for me.

Think they'll make it through the castle without getting slaughtered by the goblins?

One goal for this year will be making an actual, real game.