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Rick Scully 🍻 @rickscully@mastodon.social

One more strike for :birdsite: and one step closer to me leaving it for good.


(Someone wanna invite Lucien to Masto? We could use a few Satanists around here.)

The Crosthwaites are my new fave people.

Chelsea stadium: Family between Blues & new Β£1bn Stamford Bridgehttp://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42648061

β€œI am told that she is going to be there around the house. We can do it later today and we will get together. Thanks to the email.” That is all predictive text. Whoa.

Lena Waithe is so interesting, and I look forward to everything she does. thecut.com/2018/01/lena-waithe

Oh heck I just found out about ceilidh.space and my mind is blown by the idea of a Scottish Gaelic/Gaidhlig-friendly Mastodon instance and how powerful Mastodon could be as a language learning tool, particularly for smaller languages without good learning resources.

Really enjoyed the 2014 romcom, "What If," and the soundtrack is a big reason: what-song.com/Movies/Soundtrac 🎡

3 years ago I wrote a script to crawl my Twitter social graph and create a visual representation of the cliques I was part of / bordering on. Just remembered that when talking to @TheKinrar. The source is on my GitHub, might be possible to adapt it to Mastodon. Looking at my graph from 3 years ago now is a strange feeling.

@rickscully well I know what I'm replacing my reddit account with now!

@joshmillard Sorry if I missed this, but is Mastodon being added to social?

Happy Friday to those who celebrate.

Two part question:
1) Does anyone know how EvoCam can be resurrected from the dead?
2) Do I know any programmers who work with video?

I have tried every webcam macOS software I can find and NONE of them can do half the things I require from the software to do my hobby webcam.

Slightly more interesting than watching paint dry, you can watch the snow via my outdoor webcam: rickscully.com/cam/

Forth day in a row truck won’t start. -16F today. Time for a new battery. My awesome wyfe picked a new one for me.

Jonathan Lethem's "Gun, With Occasional Music" is crying out for a film treatment. Was a visual treat it would be. goodreads.com/book/show/16718.

I have about 20 hours available in my work schedule for new small and medium sized projects.

I'm a graphic designer and web developer with over 15+ years experience (yes, I'm old) and I specialize in building end to end projects.

Currently, I'm on the hunt for creative projects ie writers, illustrator, photographers, but if it's a slick idea I'm always open.

For some deets about my work check thetwelfth.house/work For info about me and my background, feel free to DM.