If you're looking to help protesters, the Minnesota Freedom Fund bails out arrested protestors. I just donated.


Bonus points: at payment, there's an option to cover processing fees so the org gets 100% of the donation. Great idea. I left it on.

Drugs reference 

Unexpected thunderstorm on its way. Can see it on webcam. Hope we don’t get hail ... I just planted the cannabis.


home brewing beer 

Appropriate that my 2000th toot is about brewing.

This is what the wort looks like after Vorlauf. I am excited by this pear saison recipe.

Surprised to have so many French language songs included — I don’t speak it — but I am digging it!

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Apple Music gets me. Wilco, Beck, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Portishead, Nick Drake, etc. 😍🎶

time lapse of a brewing step 

A short time lapse of the mash in.

I have been tweaking things behind the scenes to (hopefully) improve the video and experience.

For the last 2 days I have not seen any green images or choppiness of the resulting videos.

On the old MacBook Air that runs the old software the fan has been quiet for 2 days too.

Fingers crossed that changing for a variable bitrate to a constant one has made some noticeable differences. 🤞🏼

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Hi there! My name is Zoé, I'm new to Mastodon and also don't have any contacts using this 😭 (hope to lure them here at some point, though). Do you have any recommendations for instances I could join about permaculture, artists on sustainability, zero waste, veganism, zine makers? Thanks a lot!! 😍

I wish activitypub supported the concept of "alias" accounts, so I could post all my videos on a peertube instance, all my photos on a pixelfed instance, all my music on a funkwhale instance, etc. but have all the comments/interaction happen through a mastodon instance

It is supposed to reach 90F/32C today ... in Vermont ... in May FFS.

Good day to be in a cool basement brewing a pear saison.

Does anyone have any desire to own the domain pitchfork.club? I'm going to let it drop in a week.

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