Seriously. If all you do is crosspost from bird site, do everyone a favour and stop immediately. If you can't then you aren't ready for Mastodon.

@rickscully Nonsense. No one owns Mastodon. Twitter is a part of the web. Does Mastodon really want to exclude itself from the web or be a part of it?


@jaywink I guess I would ask @Gargron that, but I think I recall him being on record as saying he would prefer people not crosspost with bird shite. As to the second question: Mastondon is federated, so it can be a part of other federated universes... just not capitalist walled gardens like twitter.

@rickscully Gargron makes the software but he doesn't get to say how it is used ;)

I don't personally see any reason why the federated web and the capitalistic web cannot live together. They will have to since none can kill the other.

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