Today is Jerry Garcia’s birthday and he would have been 77. Instead he died when he was 53 ... the age I am now. I was 29 the last time I saw him alive.

@franciecashman Hard to believe, but yes. I was packing up my computer (486 with 4Mb of RAM lol) and about to drive across the country after giving up on Los Angeles -- '94 earthquake was final straw after OJ, Rodney King, fires, etc, etc -- when a friend called to offer condolences only to learn she was how I was getting the news. I wanted to unpack my computer at log into the Dead IRC channels I participated in. In stead I drove to SF for Jerry's wake in Golden Gate Park before driving East.

@rickscully Wow, I can't even imagine being in LA during that time. I would have high-tailed it too. That's incredible that you went to the wake in SF! I was in college (fairly hippie lib arts) at the time and I remember the entire campus feeling devastated.

@franciecashman I just shared my August 9, 1995 story and not an August 1 celebration of his birthday. I try not to do that. Apologies.

@rickscully To be honest, it's refreshing conversing with someone not in their teens, 20s, or 30s. Masto has a young following, which is lovely, but nice to find others who actually used 386 and 486's. Shoot, even those who used a Commodore 64!

@franciecashman I know what you mean. What I like about Masto is it reminds me of early days of blogging and IRC channels.

@franciecashman @rickscully We had a Commodore 64 with cassette tapes for games. I remember the 386 coming in and the hours spent playing Indiana Jones on that computer

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